Creative design + Web development leads to successful global product launch

Friday 24th June 2011   by Stuart Bickerton

We’re really pleased to have helped Victoria + Albert Baths, in Telford, successfully launch a new style of bath. We souces a new typeface best suited for the product name – Barcelona – and a special swirl design element for web pages and an international mini-brochure.

Our web developers then created the pages on V+A’s website and co-ordinated the online launch. We hope you agree, the results are pretty classy, just like the bath!



Facebook for business – get noticed, get liked and build relationships with matm

Friday 24th June 2011   by Neil Dicken

Facebook is the global social media powerhouse.

It’s the place more than 350 million people make friends, fall in love, chat, laugh, share ideas, tell people what they’ve done, are doing and plan to do, what they like, what they love and who they love. Oh, and what they spend their money on.

So Facebook is a great place for a business and show off your brand to be as well.

Which is why we’ve developed a range of highly effective and affordable design and function options for business Facebook Pages. If you run a business, charity, sports club, community group or public service, there will be an option that’s right for you.


matm - Facebook for Business

Game, set and match to matm – Shropshire LTA poster design

Tuesday 14th June 2011   by Stuart Bickerton
2011 Deloitte Shropshire County Closed

2011 Deloitte Shropshire County Closed


One we’ve just created – Tom Blockley, designer matm has crafted the latest poster for the Shropshire LTA, the 2011 Deloitte Shropshire County Closed.

This year’s county tennis event is running from 28th Aug to 3rd Sept at Weltis in Shrewsbury.

If you are a budding Andy Murray or Venus Williams why not join in?


Augmented Reality – does it have a solid future or is it a gimmick?

Thursday 2nd June 2011   by Neil Dicken

Augmented Reality was featured on the BBC national news on Tuesday May 31 providing an insight into new possibilities with smart phones and app technology.

As seen in previous posts we’ve brought you here in The Juice, Augmented Reality has been popping up all over the place in recent months:

  • Wordlens – a real-time AR translation service.
  • Audi and BMW – AR used to promote new car models.

Here’s the question though, is Augmented Reality just a gimmick that will slowly fade, or is it a powerful tool that’s here to stay?

The jury may still be out. But there’s no doubt AR applications will continue to multiply in the coming months, as we at matm believe it will have a major impact on marketing in the forthcoming year.