Good PR companies in Shropshire – Matt suggests you try us

Monday 20th May 2013   by Andy Comber

It’s really nice when someone says they like what you do. It’s even better when that someone is a client. Matt Breakwell at Cornbrook Construction has kindly provided us with a testimonial for the public relations support matm is providing.

We’re really chuffed with what he has to say. We’ve been working hard to get Cornbrook good positive press coverage. We’ve also been doing a lot of web content writing, press photography, writing case studies and revising customer letters.

Let’s face it, if the business is as dynamic, successful, ambitious and good as Cornbrook Construction, there’s always a lot to do. A public relations service doesn’t just involved writing highly effective press releases (though that’s important).

As Matt knows, good PR is about doing lots of different things – professional copywriting, video production, SEO web copywriting, sales brochures – that work together to enhance a business’s reputation and win new customers.

There’s even a new buzz phrase for it: content marketing.

Thank you for your kind words, Matt:

Good PR companies in Shropshire

matm provides excellent public relations support for Cornbrook Construction.

We only want to spend our marketing budget on activities that are targeted and we know will make a difference to our business, which is why we are happy to recommend matm’s PR services.

We get the right kind of media coverage in the right kind of publications. We get excellent copywriting support, both for sales promotion material and web content, and marketing advice, exactly when we need it, which usually means at a moment’s notice.

I can also rely on Andy at matm to get on with managing our PR requirements, allowing me to concentrate on running the business. matm’s PR service is cost-effective and delivers results. We know it is helping us win new business, and that’s what counts.

Matt Breakwell, Managing Director, Cornbrook Construction

Creative brochure design helps Shropshire coach company plan exciting days out

Monday 20th May 2013   by Lindsay Crayton

We were delighted when one of Shropshire’s leading coach companies, Elcock Reisen, commissioned matm to come up with a new creative brochure design for their 2013 excursion season.

Creative brochure design is all about creating an instant impact in a promotional document that is highly practical and easy to use.

We opted for a format that, when folded, stands out and looks appealing when placed alongside other tourist brochures.

However, when it’s opened out, it provides all the key information in one place.

Creative brochure design Shropshire


This year’s excursion programme takes in a number of new venues. These include Blenheim Palace and the Harry Potter sets at Warner Brothers Studio, London.

It’s great to think that thousands of Shropshire people will enjoy magical days out after being inspired by our brochure designs.


Creative brochure design ShropshireCreative brochure design Shropshire




Press releases – BNI Landlord Success event in Shropshire

Tuesday 14th May 2013   by Andy Comber

Private landlords face “double whammy” say property experts

Property experts are holding a special seminar for private residential landlords in Shropshire to inform them that they face a “double whammy” from new Government legislation.

The free Landlord Success seminar on Wednesday May 22 is being organised by members of Telford business networking group Severn Enterprise BNI.

The new Universal Credit, being introduced in stages across the UK, starting this month, will result in housing benefit being paid directly to tenants as part of a lump-sum benefit payment.

Also, the Government announced in the Queen’s Speech, on Wednesday May 8, that it intends to make it a legal requirement for private landlords to check the immigration status of tenants before handing over keys to a property.

Both measures have sparked controversy and will be debated during the Landlord Success seminar at the Wroxter Hotel, in Wroxeter, Shropshire.

Speakers from BNI will be lawyer Faye Craggs, a property expert with Darwin Matthews Solicitors, in Shrewsbury, Ellie Garbett, co-founder of Habitat Lettings in Broseley, and Mike Palfrey, owner of Salop Property Services in Telford.

The keynote speaker is Becky Owen-Jones, Benefit Welfare and Assurance Group Manager at Telford and Wrekin Council.

Faye Craggs said the Universal Credit, being phased in to simplify the benefit system, could result in an increasing number of low-income tenants falling into rent arrears.

She added: “The National Housing Federation, among many others, has raised serious concerns. It could lead to an increase in evictions and more private landlords deciding not to rent properties to benefit claimants.

“The Landlord Success seminar will consider the implications for private landlords, what they can do to protect their interests and what the Government has been asked to do to minimise these risks.”

Ellie Garbett said the plans to make landlords check the immigration status of prospective tenants, with fines for those who do not, raises some serious concerns.

She added: “Landlords may feel this is an unfair additional burden from extra red tape. It may encourage them to decide not to accept any foreign visitors as tenants, because they are worried about making a mistake.

“It is not clear, yet, how the law would work. We would not want it to unfairly penalise the vast majority of private landlords who seek to act responsibly and reasonably in managing their properties and providing a service for their tenants.”

The free Landlord Success event is for property owners considering becoming private landlords, and current landlords, who want to get the latest advice and best practice on property management.

Mike Palfrey said: “This is the first time, as a BNI group, we have organised this kind of event. We realised that, between us, we have a lot of expertise on letting out private property, so wanted to share it.

“Any private landlord, or anyone thinking of becoming a private landlord, is welcome to attend. This is an opportunity to get the latest local authority, legal and industry advice and share views.”

•    The Severn Enterprise BNI ‘Private Landlord Success’ meeting takes place at on Wednesday May 22, 6.30-9pm, at the Wroxeter Hotel, Wroxeter, Shropshire. SY5 6PH. For more information contact Faye Craggs:, 01743 272931.


Loving that! BNI Landlord Success Seminar

Wednesday 8th May 2013   by Andy Comber

Matm is a member of Severn Enterprise BNI – which meets for breakfast every Friday at the Holiday Inn, Telford. The group is hosting a Landlord Success seminar on Wednesday May 22 2013.

It’s a must-attend event for private residential landlords and property owners who are thinking of becoming landlords.

Fellow BNI members Faye Craggs, a property law expert with Darwin Matthews Solicitors, Ellie Garbett, owner of Habitat Lettings, and Mike Palfrey, MD of maintenance company Salop Property Services are among the expert speakers.

The Landlord Success seminar takes place at the Wroxeter Hotel, Wroxeter, Shropshire, SY5 6PH, 6.30pm to 9pm. If you want to attend , contact Faye: or 01743 272931.

Press release writing service success: Cornbrook Construction

Thursday 2nd May 2013   by Andy Comber

Here’s a press release we prepared for Shropshire construction company Cornbrook Construction about a tie-up with another Shropshire firm Quad-Lock. It was used as the business supplement lead by the Shropshire Star and several other publications.

Part of its appeal, I think, is the strong picture. Strong news media photography always helps when pitching a news story. I took the picture myself, saving the client the signficant cost of hiring a dedicated photographer. Another benefit of PR from matm!


Cornbrook Construction is hoping to create new construction jobs in Shropshire by teaming up with design and engineering firm Quad-Lock to build the UK’s most energy-efficient homes.

The innovative building system developed by Quad-Lock is known as Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF), and involves creating hollow walls made from polystyrene, which are then filled with liquid concrete.

Cornbrook Construction, based in Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire, is already project managing the construction of a £2 million luxury home in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, using the system, and is in line to be the main contractor on future build projects.

Matt Breakwell, of Cornbrook Construction, left, with Peter Townend, of Charcon

The company’s managing director, Matt Breakwell, said: “This is an exciting opportunity for us. The system Quad-Lock has developed has immense qualities and, in my view, represents the future of building design and construction. The potential is huge.

“We already have the largest directly employed labour force of any construction company in South Shropshire – and if this partnership develops as we hope it will, we will be creating a significant number of new jobs in the next 12 months.”

Quad-Lock’s logistics operation has just moved to new, larger industrial premises in Shifnal, Shropshire, as it plans for expansion after distribution rights for the building system were awarded, in 2011, to the Charcon Construction Solutions Group, a joint venture with construction materials giant Aggregate Industries.

Charcon Distribution and Product Development Manager Peter Townend said: “We are pleased to be working with Cornbrook Construction at a time when we are seeing interest in ICF grow rapidly, largely due to the critical requirement, in the current economic climate, to control build times and manage costs.”

“On top of that, our system delivers industry-leading insulation performance, to the point that, to all intents and purposes, some finished buildings can be heated sufficiently simply through heat radiated by their occupants and electrical appliances.

“Cornbrook Construction had demonstrated that it has the particular skills, experience and the right attitude to innovation to embrace the opportunities our system creates. We expect them to be excellent partners as the technique is adopted by many more clients.”

Matt Breakwell said he expects Quad-Lock’s system to be particularly attractive to the self-build homes market across the Midlands. Last year, the Government launched a £30m three-year fund to boost the self-build market.

He added: “Only about 10 per cent of new-built homes are self-built. But the Government wants to double that proportion to 20% in the next decade as part of its plans to help the construction industry out of recession and encourage local, sustainable development.

“A key consideration for people wanting to design and build their own homes is the control of costs, speed of construction and the energy efficiency of the final building. In all these cases, Quad-Lock’s ICF system offers major advantages.”

According to Homebuilding and Renovation magazine, in 2012: 11,160 self-build homes were completed in the UK; just under one third of all new detached homes were self-build; and spend on construction materials in the self-build sector was £2.95 billion.