Posters that are out of this world

Friday 19th February 2016   by Neil Dicken

We’re loving these great posters. As a British astronaut hurtles around the Earth at a speed of 17,150 miles per hour (that’s about 5 miles every second!), our interest has been Tim Peake-d by all things celestial.

This week, we’ve been wowed by NASA’s beautifully-designed series of travel posters entitled “Imagination is our window into the future”.

They were produced by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California, and hark back to travel posters of a bygone age when seaside resorts, airlines, cruise liners and trains vied for attention with stunning renderings of landmarks and vistas.

This set of travel posters, which managed to be both retro and futuristic, feature the planets Mars, Venus and Jupiter, and the moons Enceladus (described by JPL as Saturn’s vapour-spewing moon) and Titan (another of Saturn’s moons, and about 50% larger than our Moon).

Europa, one of Jupiter’s staggering 62 known moons, is one of the more interesting destinations. Discovered by Galileo in 1610, its thick icy surface is thought to hide a subsurface ocean that bears similar characteristics with geological features on our own planet. This has led to NASA considering Europa as a potential target for setting up a space colony, and could be a target of a deep space mission, rather than the closer, red planet, Mars.

The posters certainly proved hit here at our offices – they are a great example of NASA understanding and communicating  its place in history, whilst giving us a gentle push into accepting that travel within our solar system may well be science fact rather than science fiction in the future.

The full set of posters can be seen at the Jet Propulsion Labaratory site here.

Travel Posters from NASA. We’re loving that!

Ps we were going to do a post explaining the discovery of Einstein’s Gravitational Waves but we found poster design a little easier to explain.

More information about JPL is at:


How to drive customer interest with infographic design

Friday 11th December 2015   by Neil Dicken

Would you believe it? Owners of Audis are most likely to wash their cars, while owners of Mercedes are least likely.

Men are more than twice as likely as women to wash their cars. And 1 in 4 men wash their cars, just to get out of the house.

Admit it, you are intrigued, even if just a little. It is true, if you present an engaging series of facts, people just can’t help but ponder what they mean. Which is where infographic design come in.

Carwash Infographic

Infographics are an ideal and increasingly popular way to present information bite-sized and attractive chunks. They are good for catching the eye, engaging brain, and getting people talking.

To prove the point, one of our graphic designers, Neil – a bit of a car buff – took his inspiration from research undertaken by OSV limited to find a few interesting figures about car washing.

There is growing demand for engaging factual content on websites and apps, often in list form. Simple facts about what interests people the most are easy to remember, and quickest to be shared.

That is why infographic design is in demand. Infographics are a great way to grab the attention of a target audience. They make key facts about your service easier to understand, more persuasive and more readily shared with business colleagues and friends.

So, it appears keeping up appearances on the driveway is largely a male obsession. Unless you are a Peugeot owner in Oxford, that is. Take a quick look at the infographic to see why.

Click on the image, or download it here to view the graphic in full. If you wanted to talk about infographic design with matm, get in touch. If you want to chat about car shampoos, polishing pads and detailing, talk to Neil.


Home Sweet Home

Thursday 13th November 2014   by Stuart Bickerton

It had been over a month since we’d moved into to our shiny new offices in Telford Town Centre. With only a couple of boxes remaining unopened – one of which is the Christmas baubles – we set about our signage project. Or, as one of our early visitors put it: “When are you going to whack your logo on the walls then?” In common with signage projects for our clients, we set about steering a path between style (looking good), being informative (sending people the right way) and cost-effective (lettering in real gold was vetoed from the off). We approached our neighbours here at Blount House (we’re on the upper floor), Columb & Gosling Telford accountants, and our sister company Shropshire Printing.

And so, advised by matm designer Lindsay Crayton, we hatched a plan to design and make our signage, and arrange for our signage installers to put them up. External signs we selected were:

  • Large aluminium tray signs attached to the exterior of the building – the big ones you can see when you’re on the way to Sainsbury’s, B&Q or (hopefully not) the courts
  • Small aluminium tray signs sitting alongside the door buzzer
  • Sensible and welcoming car parking signs – manufactured from dibond aluminium, so our visitors can park free of charge.

Then, moving inside:

  • Acrylic wall signs pointing people up the stairs – hang a left for your accounts, hang a right for design, web, PR and print

And finally…

  • Acrylic lettering sitting proud of our feature-painted walls. And, yes, here at matm we did have to buy the painter from Albinroy Interiors a set of sunglasses when he was on coat number 6

We’re really rather proud of the outcome. If you’d like the same care and attention to your site signage, drop Stuart an email or call him on 01952 883526.


Five good reasons to use stock photography in promotional design

Friday 7th November 2014   by Stuart Bickerton

Should I, Shouldn’t I?

Images are extremely important element in the design process – it’s often the first element I’m asked for when presenting a job to our design team.
Today, stock photography is very big business and a very popular option for many designers. However, like many elements of design, there’s a number of pitfalls to avoid and simple rules to consider.

So, what are the pros for using stock photography – or stock shots, as they are known as?

Convenience You don’t need to move off your seat – you can search, select, pay and download from your tablet or computer. You may need to pop downstairs to grab your payment card, but that’s about it.

It’s not hard to find a selection of good quality image from these sites:

That’s just three of the more popular sites you may well have come across already.

Price While it’s not as cheap as it was a few years ago, sourcing from stock photography libraries can prove a very cost-effective way of securing appropriate images. It can take a fraction of the cost and time in arranging to take the shots yourself, or hiring in a photographer, model and dressing the shot with products and props.

Some charge according to photo useage, for example: where it will be shown (known as territory); how it will be used; and how many times it will be used. Others charge per pack of images (up to 5 images for £80 could be one approach). And some charge per image and by the quality of its resolution.

So what seems straightforward can be a little confusing at first. Not quite as bad as using TripAdvisor for planning a weekend away, but perplexing nonetheless.

Choice Type in your search terms in that box and … wow! You are presented with a huge number of images to choose from. Whether it’s a particular age of person, a textured close up or landscape, the chances are something relevant can be found within a few minutes on a stock photography website. If you’re in Shropshire looking for an American diner image, or Brazilian rainforest, these sites can help with both your time, wallet and carbon footprint.

Quality Maybe not so true a few years ago, but many stock photography sites have realised it’s all about the 3 Cs – content, content, content. Today, they have stricter requirements for quality – and not just resolution. Many will check images for lighting and colours. They have come to understand that quality = more downloads = more revenue.

Creativity More and more now, we are expected to try to stand out in the crowd. Stock photography providers know this. Want an image of something from an unusual angle, with a sense of humour, a little bit kooky? There’s a good chance you will find something close to what you have in your mind. It might not be exactly the same, but it should be close.

And that’s another positive thing – if you are looking for inspiration, and fresh ideas, a stock photography site is a good place to look. Even if you don’t use one of their images in the end.

So how much will stock photography cost?

Good question. Without a brief from a client, and a little time to search, it’s difficult to give an answer. But here’s my rule of thumb for stock photography shots:

  • Regular images (Essential from istock), from £20 + VAT each
  • Premium stock images (Signature from istock) from £50 + VAT each
  • Stock video clips, from £200 + VAT
  • Stock audio clips, from £20 + VAT

We can source more exclusive images for you, from larger and specialist photographic libraries, but these will probably cost quite a bit more. Prices for these exclusive images often come with more conditions, so they may depend on where you wish to use the image, how large, and in what territories.

Overall stock photography has an important place in design – it can save oodles of time and huge lumps of cash. But approach with care, keep the design at the heart of your search and don’t be afraid to let (and pay for) the designer to help you find appropriate images.

By saying that, I’m suggesting there are reasons why you might not want to use stock photography. There are some potential downsides. In my next post I’ll be sharing more advice on the negatives of stock photography (no pun intended), and how to make sure they don’t upset your marketing design project.

If, at this stage, you have already decided you need original images, we can help. We can project manage that process for you, from sourcing the photographer, providing the brief, attending the shoot, and carrying out post-production work on the images, including formatting.

Whichever option, please get in touch. We’re here to help.


Examples of an Essentials stock photo – istock


Example of a Signature stock photo – istock





Print Big … printed display boards and signs for building sites

Wednesday 25th June 2014   by Stuart Bickerton

Thought we’d share a quick snap of a recent installation of printed large display boards for Cornbrook Construction’s Sutherland Court building development in Muxton, Shropshire.



We designed a number of boards for the development site entrance and printed onto a quality 5mm foamex panel.

They were printed with UV resistant inks to help prevent the printed display boards from sun damage – enabling some of them to be reused on the next Cornbrook site later this year.


For ideas or quotations on big display board or big printing across the UK, contact Stuart on 01952 883526.







matm selects Linx modular exhibition system to put Xn Hotels on show

Thursday 5th June 2014   by Stuart Bickerton

Xn Hotels Systems, the global hotel management systems company,  commissioned matm to create a highly visual, yet cost-effective, stand for the leading hotel and hospitality show Hotelympia.



We managed the creation of the exhibition stand from start to finish. This included:

  • Design and print of full height exhibition graphics for the rear Linx modular exhibition wall
  • Hire, build and break-down of the Linx modular exhibition system wall – with curved panels, tables and lockable storage areas
  • Illuminated graphic panels to provide extra impact for the stand
  • iPad demonstration pods, which allowed Xn Hotels to demonstrate its industry-leading software at a comfortable height for visitors (these are available for hire or for sale)
  • A large monitor for product demonstrations with a wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Full stand build-up and break-down

Another service we provide is taking away heavy or difficult-to-carry promotional items, returning them to the client later.

This saves marketing and sales staff struggling to the exhibition venue car park or on to buses and trains with armfuls of sales and promotion materials: not a pleasant experience after spending a long day meeting potential customers.

By using the modular Linx exhibition stands, Xn had the benefit of high impact visuals, while making a very significant saving over the main alternative, commissioning a purpose-built exhibition stand.

In addition, the graphic panels can be securely stored, and used for the next exhibition, contributing to ongoing savings.

The Linx modular exhibition system can be used to create stands in many different shapes and sizes, and to meet the requirements of a range of budgets.

If you are interested in finding out more about how matm can help you create the perfect exbition stand for your event, call Stuart on 01952 883526.



iPad stands (iPad demonstration pods) provide hands-on display points for visitors to experience their software

linx modular stand hire

Raised floor with a choice of 24 carpet colours – Windsor Needle Punch Velour – for your stand whilst large graphic panels provide a big area for impact

AV Equipment Hire for exhibitions

Wireless keyboard and mouse powers the 40” monitor for product demonstrations

ipad display stands

iPad Display Stands linked to a dedicated wi-fi network.


 All Photography courtesy of Alan O’Riordan

Creative photography and graphic design – mixing old and new is catching on

Wednesday 21st May 2014   by Andy Comber

A series of images created by Halley Docherty has caught the eye of our designer Neil Dicken. The striking pictures, published in The Guardian, show current views of London, Paris and Berlin, with images from World War 2 overlaid.

It’s a highly effective technique we call ‘windows into the past’, combining photography and creative graphic design skills.

It’s a technique Neil used closer to home to great effect, with the help of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum, in and around Ironbridge, to show how life has changed, or not changed, in the last 150 years. The resulting series of images have been used by the museum since as part of public displays and have been enjoyed by thousands of people.


Creative brochure design helps Shropshire coach company plan exciting days out

Monday 20th May 2013   by Lindsay Crayton

We were delighted when one of Shropshire’s leading coach companies, Elcock Reisen, commissioned matm to come up with a new creative brochure design for their 2013 excursion season.

Creative brochure design is all about creating an instant impact in a promotional document that is highly practical and easy to use.

We opted for a format that, when folded, stands out and looks appealing when placed alongside other tourist brochures.

However, when it’s opened out, it provides all the key information in one place.

Creative brochure design Shropshire


This year’s excursion programme takes in a number of new venues. These include Blenheim Palace and the Harry Potter sets at Warner Brothers Studio, London.

It’s great to think that thousands of Shropshire people will enjoy magical days out after being inspired by our brochure designs.


Creative brochure design ShropshireCreative brochure design Shropshire




Multiplot Logo Design

Friday 8th February 2013   by Neil Dicken

Here’s a recent example of a new logo we created for a Shropshire company, MultiPlot

MultPlot are leaders in QC software for the oil and gas marine exploration industry.




Loving that! Creative snow designers in Shropshire

Wednesday 23rd January 2013   by Stuart Bickerton

Here at matm we like creativity in all its forms – and the wintery weather has revealed a snow sculpture in Shifnal, Shropshire, who knows how to do more than stick a carrot in the right place. Our Lindsay Hill spotted these icy masterpieces on her way to work.

Snow dinosaur designers in Shropshire

Would't want to meet this snow dinosaur on a dark night!

Storm trooper snow designers in Shropshire

That's cool - Star Wars comes to Shifnal with this Star Trooper

Our logo design wins praise from a truly innovative Shropshire business

Monday 26th November 2012   by Stuart Bickerton

Assist Animal Care Services

You know the old joke, never work with animals or children – well Yvette Greasley does both. She is pretty much the first person in the UK to offer a nannying service for both children and animals. And when it comes to animals, it’s not just your common and garden cats and dogs – we’re talking horses, cattle, sheep
and even lamas.

Yvette has worked, separately in the past, in childcare and animal husbandry, so had the brainwave of putting the two together. She has set up Assist Animal Care Services and Assist Child Care Services. She can still do both independently, but with the increasing number of families keeping larger animals and running small holdings, she sees a business opportunity in offering both services together.

Yvette needed a simple, yet flexible and effective, logo design to reflect the two sides of her business, so she turned to matm. She’s pleased with the results and the response she has had from customers so penned us this testimonial which we very much appreciate.

Assist Child Care Services

“The logo design service I received this summer (2012) from matm deserves recognition. My new micro business requirements were not straightforward, so having listened to my outline brief, staff at matm produced various options for my initial consideration.

“The designer, Neil, then patiently worked on the product, making various adaptations in response to feedback which matm invited. He then implemented these ‘tweaks’ with patience and a smile until I was completely happy.

“matm ensured that they met my needs and delivered a professional end product which I am proud to use as a key branding element for my new business. Result: a really satisfied new customer!

“I am pleased to be able to recommend the matm team to other new enterprises, and also to those requiring an image update or rebranding or who need a quality website.”

Thanks Yvette! And don’t worry, we’ll leave the real animals and children to you.


Nature’s graphic designers in Shropshire

Wednesday 17th October 2012   by Andy Comber

Sometimes you just have to say some graphic designers in Shropshire have all the tricks. And here at matm, we’ve been enjoying the display being put on by nature in recent weeks. Not sure what you think, but the autumn colours appear to be particularly vivid this year. Here are some trees I spotted on the A4169 between Shifnal and Madeley, Shropshire.

I didn’t happen to have my camera when I first saw one tree standing out, all shocking pink and red against the green of its neighbours, but made sure I had it the following morning. The colour had just gone off, but I hope you get the picture. The moon makes it a bit more special still.

We’re loving that! Custom Chalk Lettering

Thursday 19th April 2012   by Neil Dicken

Aside from being a graphic designer, Brooklyn based artist Dana Tanamachi is becoming increasingly recognised as a custom chalk letterer. Dana has been commissioned by clients such as Rugby Ralph Lauren, Google and Adidas – and we think that her work is striking enough to warrant a ‘we’re loving that!’ So, see what you think – and if you want to see some more of her work, then visit

Banner for Kings County Jerky Co; drawn on chalk fabric.


The Wes Anderson, Brooklyn


Custom piece for a wedding reception


Wine label that Dana created for Nagging Doubt Wines; Art Direction by Bernie Hadley-Beauregard & Laurie Millotte of Brandever.


An eye for design and the stomach for pizza!

Thursday 9th February 2012   by Neil Dicken

Just a quick blog post especially for those of you feeling a little peckish!

We have just finished amending a menu we designed for Bridgnorth based ‘Peepo Pizza’. matm Designer, Neil Dicken updated the menu artwork to include the new dishes along with the new ‘Super 7 Pizzas’ offer.

So if you live in Shropshire, have an eye for design and the stomach for a pizza, click on the menu below and perpare to salivate!



Facebook App for football fans

Tuesday 31st January 2012   by Neil Dicken

In late 2011, Arsenal Football Club introduced a Facebook app for its fans. Supporters are able to customise banners which show support for their team.  Designs are entered into a competition, with the lucky winners having their banners produced and displayed around the Emirates Stadium during certain home games throughout the season.

The campaign uses social media to allow Arsenal supporters from around the world, who are unable to attend a home game, to show their support for the London club.

Hal Stokes, of media agency Essence, said:

“A supporters commitment to their club is embodied in their thinking, communication and behavior, and is a passion that is often impossible to truly reflect in marketing activity. Capitalising on the social interactivity of the medium, the app harnesses the culture of Facebook to bring supporters together around the club online as well as offline. I think this is a fantastic initiative by Arsenal FC that will be widely embraced by their huge global supporter base as they try to create online content that comes alive in the excitement of an Arsenal home game.”

Maybe we’ll see a similar use of social media at one of Shropshire’s football clubs, Shrewsbury or Telford…?

A winning newsletter for Telford business

Monday 30th January 2012   by Neil Dicken

We have just finished the design, print and copywriting of the latest newsletter for Telford based company, IPS (Independent Parts and Services), who are Europe’s largest supplier of parts and service to the Access Industry. The A4 newsletter is 4 sided and uses the company’s corporate colours of black and yellow throughout.

With a nod to the Olympics taking place in the UK this year, matm graphic designer Neil Dicken used the silhouette of a sprinter on the front cover. The figure appears to be crossing a finishing line away from any visible competition – a representation of IPS’s position in the powered access parts and service market.


IPS Newsletter 2012 -Cover

matm has designed, written and printed newsletters, often to tight deadlines, for a number of companies – from small local operations through to large international companies.

Get in contact by clicking above on ‘contact us’ and we can discuss how we’ll help you produce a first class newsletter.

We’re rolling out roller banners galore for autumn events

Wednesday 19th October 2011   by Neil Dicken

There seem to be a lot of exhibitions taking place during the autumn season as orders on our range of printed roller banners have definitely been on the up this month. The matm design department has been busy creating eye-catching designs for a range of clients throughout September and October.

Here’s a few examples of pull-up banners we’ve designed and printed over the last month – note the QR code added to one of the designs – an interactive feature that’s becoming increasingly popular.

We offer a wide range of portable roller banners, including the grasshopper, barracuda, mosquito, axis, orient and impact. We can also supply a wide range of other exhibition material.

We can usually turn around projects very quickly. Also, these banners are now very affordable. And, of course, they’re reusable.



We’re Loving That! Ironbridge’s very own Olympic Champion – at cuddling!

Wednesday 27th July 2011   by Stuart Bickerton

Ironbridge teddy bear maker Merrythought has launched its official London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Commemorative Teddy Bear – exactly a year before the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games on July 27th 2012.

The cuddly bear is based on a design from 1948 – the year London last hosted the Olympic Games – and is made from from the finest gold mohair.

London 2012 Olympic Games Commemorative Teddy Bear

The teddy comes with a choice of three different coloured ribbons – blue, green or pink, rather than bronze, silver and gold – and only 2012 bears sporting each colour have been made. So a limited edition of 6036 bears are available to buy.

That’ll make them almost as rare and sought after as an Olympic ticket.


Don’t get lost in translation – consolidate with multilingual design

Wednesday 27th July 2011   by Stuart Bickerton

International luxury freestanding bath manufacturer Victoria + Albert Baths sells its products worldwide. This means each piece of printed material has to be reproduced for each country in its native language. This is to ensure the V+A brand has a consistent message, tone of voice, and that the complex technical specifications for these luxury products do not get lost in translation.

Consolidating the technical specification sheets resulted in reduced print costs as we combined 5 languages English, German, French, Spanish and Italian into one universal sheet. Icons, technical diagrams & images replaced multiple descriptions, thus gaining valuable space to include the important native descriptions.

Multi language document benefits:

  • saving on print costs
  • save on setup costs – one set of plates
  • unified brand identity across the whole of Europe
  • ease of updating across multiple languages
  • single file update for European language web site
  • reduces carbon footprintless print runs

The recently completed overhaul of the European materials includes luxury brochures, specification & fitting sheets along with reusable e-shot templates through our bespoke e-shot system called Coffeemail. We are also working on a multilingual price list which includes Russian & Polish along with the 5 other languages above.

Matm can offer a complete translation service – all text is translated by people who speak in the native tongue, right through to recreation of artwork and websites.

Why not contact us today and find out how much you could save on print and artwork cost – Merci, Gracias, Grazie, Danke & Thank you!!

Going the extra mile for affordable leaflet design and print – that’s the YHA way!

Monday 25th July 2011   by Neil Dicken

Following recent refurbishments, YHA Coalbrookdale and YHA Coalport, both in Ironbridge, wanted to promote their sites with a joint leaflet giving information on the activities available within the Ironbridge area.

We were asked to produce the leaflets and, with a very quick turnaround for both design and print, supplied 2,000 finished leaflets on time.

Cath Young, YHA Manager Ironbridge, said: “We had a tight budget and an even tighter deadline, but the guys at matm really pulled us out of a hole and provided us with excellent customer service.

“The leaflet looks better than I could ever imagine, and I was really impressed considering the short deadline. The leaflet has received positive feedback from both colleagues and potential customers to our sites.”





We’re Loving That – Posters creating awareness

Tuesday 12th July 2011   by Neil Dicken

This poster was designed by London and Los Angeles based graphic design company, Binary & The Brain, in association with the Louisiana Wildlife Federation to raise awareness of the many critically endangered species which continue to be effected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

38 of the coast’s most at-risk animals, some of which face extinction or have already vanished from the state are used to create the shape of the effected coastline and lettering, all are numbered for identification.

Designer Neil Dicken said: “I really like the illustration in this poster – the way in which the combination of animal silhouettes are used to create the shape of the affected coastline – so as well as being very artistic, the poster is very informative at the same time.”

All profits from the sale of this poster go directly to the Louisiana Wildlife Federation to help protect and conserve the endangered species. Visit to find out more and to show your support for their great work.

















The Birds

This poster was designed in association with BirdLife International to raise awareness of the 52 UK birds on the endangered red list.

Again, each of the 52 birds were used to outline the lettering and are numbered for identification.

Produced by Binary and the Brain

Available from

Creative design + Web development leads to successful global product launch

Friday 24th June 2011   by Stuart Bickerton

We’re really pleased to have helped Victoria + Albert Baths, in Telford, successfully launch a new style of bath. We souces a new typeface best suited for the product name – Barcelona – and a special swirl design element for web pages and an international mini-brochure.

Our web developers then created the pages on V+A’s website and co-ordinated the online launch. We hope you agree, the results are pretty classy, just like the bath!



Game, set and match to matm – Shropshire LTA poster design

Tuesday 14th June 2011   by Stuart Bickerton
2011 Deloitte Shropshire County Closed

2011 Deloitte Shropshire County Closed


One we’ve just created – Tom Blockley, designer matm has crafted the latest poster for the Shropshire LTA, the 2011 Deloitte Shropshire County Closed.

This year’s county tennis event is running from 28th Aug to 3rd Sept at Weltis in Shrewsbury.

If you are a budding Andy Murray or Venus Williams why not join in?


‘Unhindered’ and ‘Deadly Serious’ – here’s our approach to poster design

Thursday 19th May 2011   by Stuart Bickerton

We’ve just completed a poster for two exhibitions by Arty Party taking place in later this month and in June.

Arty Party is an independent company of artists with learning disabilities, based in Telford, Shropshire. Using a variety of art forms, they share their powerful work with the public through performance and exhibitions.

Why not go along and take a look?


Unhindered & Deadly Serious exhibition poster



A selection of work produced over the last 3 years from the Work+Play visual arts programme

Wednesday 25th May – Saturday 11th June 2011

  • Galleries Live, Hazeldine Square, Telford Town Centre.  Open: Tuesdays to Saturdays 10am to 4pm.

  • The Olive Tree Wine Bar, 29 High Street, Ironbridge. Open:  Monday to Sunday 10am – 7pm


Deadly Serious

An installation exploring Victorian life from a Learning Disabled viewpoint

28th May – 1st June 2011

  • Old Ticket Office, Blists Hill Victorian Town, Legges Way, Coalport. Open 11.00am to 5.00pm



PCT Calender 2011

Monday 16th May 2011   by Stuart Bickerton

matm has now completed two bespoke designed PCT (Primary Care Trust) desk top calendars. The most recent, 2011 calendar, was designed by Neil Dicken and serves as a reminder of the services that the Telford and Wrekin Health Improvement Team provides.

There is one initiative in each month of the calendar. A couple of examples of these include ‘Why Weight‘ in January, which is part of the weight loss scheme and, ‘High Five for a Happier Life‘ in August, which is part of the mental health scheme.

Each of the months also features an image supporting that specific initiative, along with an overview giving a bit more information on the scheme. Every month also has ‘dates to remember’ such as National No Smoking Day in March.

Neil said: “I made the desk calendar really easy to use. I had a bit of fun with the colours and each page is colour coded – the back page of the calendar is then made up of different jigsaw pieces slotted together, with each piece reflecting the colour of a different month.”


Designing and printing raffle tickets is on the cards for Children’s Hospice UK

Wednesday 27th April 2011   by Stuart Bickerton

We were delighted to be asked by Children’s Hospice’s UK to design and print raffle ticket books for their forthcoming draw for Phoenix Trading’s Butterfly Tea Party Raffle 2011.

matm has a strong record of working with charities and their partners. Our designer Tom Blockley drew inspiration from Phoenix Trading’s extensive range of cards and gift items to produce the design of the £1 tickets.

The closing date for the draw is 1 August with a top prize of £2,000, and proceeds going Children’s Hospices UK, the national charity that gives voice and support to all children’s hospices services. Visit for more information.

Tickets were printed and collated into books of 15 – full colour front and one colour reverse.


Precision and accuracy are all important for barcode generation

Wednesday 27th April 2011   by Stuart Bickerton

With all this talk of QR codes and RFID tags, it’s all too easy to forget the power of the barcode.

The stripy monochrome label has become part of every day life since the first one was put on the side of a pack of Wrigleys Juicy Fruits chewing gum in 1974.

Here at matm we can generate accurate barcodes for reliable scanning – more than 200 types including UPC, EAN, ISSN, ISBN, Code 128, Code 39, ITF, PostNET, Royal Mail and Codabar.

We can then output the barcodes to your preferred image type and colour.

Simply supply us with details of the number, size and type of barcode required.

matm cleans up with a five star review for web design and development

Thursday 21st April 2011   by Stuart Bickerton

It’s always nice to get an unexpected pat on the back, don’t you agree? Our web design and development team was certainly pleased to see a website review in the leading trade magazine Essential Kitchen & Bathroom Business.

The magazine’s ‘web doctor’ was reviewing the websites of premium brand kitchen and bathroom suppliers, among them Victoria + Albert Baths, based in Telford. And you’ve guessed it, matm designs, develops and manages the company’s website.

In what is a regular feature, the websites of nine companies were reviewed, picked apart, praised or given a poke in the ribs for their shortcomings. The February edition saw V+A’s website the only one to get the top mark of five out of five stars!

The most discerning critic concluded: “Top marks for simple beauty, teamed with practical touches that mean the consumer will never feel overwhelmed.”

The website has been a labour of love for matm’s senior creative Lindsay Crayton and web developer Jem Turner.

Lindsay said: “We’re very pleased to get such a positive peer review. Our aim with the V+A site has always been to combine clean, high quality design and highly effective functionality – very much like the baths we’re promoting and, it looks like we’re succeeding.”

Indeed. Thank you Essential Kitchen & Bathroom Business – we love you too!


Five Star Website Review for V+A - matm

Look whats just been delivered…

Wednesday 20th April 2011   by Stuart Bickerton
Grasshopper Banner - Telford Mind

Grasshopper Banner - Telford Mind

We designed this little Grasshopper Banner Stand for Telford Mind – these budget banners pack a big wedge of impact for little cost. Give us a call to see our full range of exhibition banners and panels.

We’re Loving That. Augmented Reality

Tuesday 12th April 2011   by Neil Dicken

Here at matm, we not only like to keep up to date with the latest programming software, but also the latest innovations that create new ways of interacting with digital media.

Many of us have heard of the term augmented reality, as it has been around for many years, (much like the QR code featured in a previous post) but it has recently been re-introduced. With technology becoming more and more advanced, we now have the ability to use use both augmented reality and QR codes on a single device.

So what is augmented reality?

It is where the real world enviroment is augmented by computer generated sensors/triggers such as sound or graphics, and virtual elements are added to the real time environment, creating a real time virtual world.

Where have I seen it before?

Augmented reality has been featured in many well know films – most of us will have seen one of the below!

Robocop – Head mounted display to get into the details of a particular person or status

Terminator films – All the terminators had a realtime display also showing a particular person or status – and mission objectives.

More recent uses of augmented reality

Transformers 2 – Revenge of the Fallen

The sleeve of the Blu-ray disc features an augmented reality game where you move the sleeve around to reposition Optimus Prime to battle and complete his mission.

Also there is the facial augmented reality of Optimus Prime’s helmet, where the software tracks your face and regenerates the helmet in realtime to your every move.

Real world uses

As early as 2007, BMW prototyped an augmented reality headset which helped technicians by showing them how to remove key components in the engine.

BMW and Audi have also used augmented reality to promote their new models.

Audi calendar

The Audi calendar featured jaw dropping scenery from around the world, but where are the cars?

With your enabled smart phone, you simply view the scenes through the camera and the cars appear with subtle animations (lights flashing, sun rising).

See it in action

Most of the major car companies (Audi, BMW, Toyota) are now using augmented reality to advertise their new models, with the user being able to drive the car around their desk. Try it at

In games

The gaming world has brought augmented reality to the living room with games such as Eye Pet from Playstation, and Xbox Kinetic, with Xbox augmenting the user into the game.

Free email marketing templates from Coffeemail, making eshots simple

Friday 11th March 2011   by Stuart Bickerton

Coffeemail today released 74 free email marketing templates to make the best email marketing system even better value.

View all 74 free eshot templates here >>  Free email templates

Free Eshot Template 34


Coffeemail offers a great way to send eshots with no monthly charges and powerful tracking and reporting software. We’ll update you with lots more Coffeemail news over the next few weeks but thought you might like to know about the new free templates

For more information about coffeemail and how to make email marketing simple, contact the Web team at matm

Great graphic design can be good for your health – especially when created by matm

Monday 7th March 2011   by Stuart Bickerton

Here at matm, we’ve built up significant experience in designing health promotional material for quite a number of clients, honing our skills in a wide range of projects, designs and approaches.

Key elements of this work are creating messaging that is creative and has clarity and impact within clear brand guidelines.

For example, in a recent project for for Telford and Wrekin PCT we created a range of promotional material for the Health Trainer service which provides personal advice to people who want to be healthier and fitter.

The promotional campaign, called “My Health Trainer”, sought to highlight the highly personal one-to-one support the health trainers give their clients.

Collateral included a four-page leaflet, a suite of posters (pictured below) were designed and printed as well as a number of promotional items such as printed water bottles, stress balls and pens.

Health Trainer Posters

matm gets heads turning and cameras clicking with our latest exhibition stand design

Friday 25th February 2011   by Stuart Bickerton

“The stripes got a lot of positive feedback. Students took pictures, the show organisers took pictures and a rug manufacturer on the last day asked if they could copy the idea!”

Some very pleasing feedback from Jonathan Carter, Marketing Manager at Telford luxury bath manufactuer V+A, commenting on some work matm did on the company’s latest exhibition stand. Thanks JC!

V+A needed a design for two 84″ x 24″ light boxes – something that perfectly matched a brand that’s both timeless and very fashionable.

Using industry-standard illustration software we created some classic organic designs, full of colour to fit the light boxes perfectly, says Tom Blockley, a designer at matm, the marketing, graphic design, web development, digital media and PR agency at Jackfield near Telford.

Here are the stripes in the proposed stand design.

V+A IDS exhibition stand visual

V+A IDS exhibition stand visual

And here they are in real life!

Graphic design from matm – a logo with a loud bark and brand bite

Wednesday 23rd February 2011   by Stuart Bickerton

RedHector Logo

At matm we believe attention to detail is everything in a new identity.

RedHector, a building, renovation and handyman company in London, approached marketing, design, web and PR company matm, at Jackfield near Telford, Shropshire, to create a logo for the start-up business.

Designer Tom Blockley created a bespoke logo, drawing inspiration from the owner’s red setter dog – yes, you’ve guessed it – called Hector.

A side on profile of the dog provided a sketch visual and then developed into a classic shape that would be memorable and instantly recognisable to new and existing clients.  The bespoke elements were created to give the typeface its unique identity.

RedHector logo design

So, the attention really is in the detail on this logo: bespoke typeface, handcrafted graphic & perfectly proportioned exclusion zones to give the maximum impact in any design.

matm is currently developing RedHector’s new website. In the meantime, why not visit (and like) RedHector on Facebook?

Fan boxes, fbml and branded landing pages, 5 ways to promote yourself on facebook

Wednesday 16th February 2011   by Neil Dicken

You have just created your facebook page, but what is the best way to promote it? Here are five great ways to attract followers.

1. Use FBML
FBML is Facebook Mark-up Language. It is web coding that allows you to customise your facebook page. Adding a basic static page that incorporates your company style can greatly increase the impact and attractiveness of your page. You can use regular SEO techniques here too.

2. Put a Facebook Fan Box on your blog
Initally this can be daunting when you have only a few fans, but once you have your first few, why shouldn’t you show how popular you are? By the way, would you like to become an matm fan?

matm facebook page

3. Post a tweet or two
With Twitter a major influence within social media, you will be suprised at how many new fans you will get.

4. Add a link to your email signature
A straightforward addition, but very often overlooked.

5. Submit your facebook page to bookmarking sites

With pages like Delicious, becoming increasingly popular, you may attract followers who might otherwise miss you the chance to see what you have to offer.

Once you have 25 or more Facebook Fans, you can give your facebook page its own unique url. For example:

Doing these five things will be a good start to promoting yourself on facebook. And there’re a lot more things you can do. If you want to know more, get in touch with Neil Dicken, here at matm.

A classy slice of graphic design for Shropshire’s newest pizza restaurant

Tuesday 15th February 2011   by Stuart Bickerton

New pizza restaurant Peepo Pizza turned to Shropshire marketing and graphic design agency matm to create their new menus.

Simple, elegant design makes the menu easy to read and sets the Peepo Pizza brand apart in a market sector with plenty of competitors.

The design is being used in table mat menus in the Bridgnorth restaurant as well as a handy takeaway menu being distributed to homes via the Royal Mail Door-2-Door service.

matm organised the printing of the menus too. That’s a tasty take on design. And the pizza is great too!

We’re loving that! Dotty graphic design that’s retro and so up to date

Tuesday 18th January 2011   by Neil Dicken

The design that often catches the eye first is often the simplest one. An uncluttered lay-out or short, yet subtle, strap line.

These album covers fit that bill perfectly, says Neil Dicken, a designer at matm, the marketing, graphic design, web development, digital media and PR agency at Jackfield near Telford.

Remixed album covers

The albums are timeless classics which still appeal to young people today. Design company Graphic Nothing has recreated them – remixed and reduced – to create a simple yet identifiable style for the iPod age.

They are retro and modern – retro-mod. There, matm gives you a new word!

The question is…do you know the names of the albums?

Mobile marketers are rapidly catching on to quick response barcodes

Monday 10th January 2011   by Stuart Bickerton

In between numerous episodes of CSI (my guilty pleasure of the moment), I’ve been watching Delia Smith talking about posh pastry on behalf of Waitrose.

Given their strong corporate ID I had a bit of a moment when I saw a large jagged box on the TV, writes Lindsay Crayton, Senior Creative at matm, the marketing, graphic and web design, web development, PR agency at Jackfield, near Telford in Shropshire.

It took me back to a conversation I had with a colleague sometime ago about these ‘boxes’, it went something along the lines of:

Me: Stuart take a look at this!

Stuart: What is it?

Me: A bar code that you can scan in using your mobile phone, it can hold information like a web address or text.

Stuart: Eyes have glazed over…

Moving swiftly on, a bit of research found these boxes to be called QR codes, QR being Quick Response.

They were originally developed, as long ago as 1994, by Denso-Wave in Japan for tracking car parts for Toyota. The main objective was that they could be read at high speed from any angle.

The QR-Code carries information horizontally and vertically whereas a standard barcode contains data only in one direction.

Also, a standard bar code can only hold 20 digits but a QR code can hold more than 7,000 and can be made to be a fraction of the size (approximately one-tenth) so less room taken up on packaging.

Companies are now increasingly using the technology to market products and services via mobile phones.

Pepsi using a QR code on a promotional billboard. It helps that the code looks arty and intriguing

A smart phone with a camera and decoding software can be used to capture and read the information on a QR code – whether it appears on the TV, billboard, in a magazine advert or on a t-shirt. The process of is called mobile tagging, while the the specific act of linking from a physical object is called physical world hyperlinking.

You can also create your own QR codes using free software. The social media site Mashable recently explained how to do it.

Facebook has a dedicated QR-Code page with lots of creative and business uses. It’s also finding its way into the art world.

An edible and scannable waffle created at NYC Resistor in 2010

I wasn’t able to scan the QR-code on the TV, I have an older phone, but if anyone else has I’d love to know…

matm uses advertising, social media, print and video in Shropshire smoking campaign

Thursday 30th December 2010   by Stuart Bickerton

matm has helped devise a major New Year marketing campaign to encourage thousands of smokers in Shropshire to ‘Pledge to Quit’ in 2011.

We’ve been working working with Help2Quit, an NHS stop smoking service.

Help2Quit runs drop-in clinics across Shropshire offering one-to-one support for smokers. It also provides a free workplace service where smoking rates are high. Results show smokers are four times more likely to stop with Help2Quit support.

Key elements of the New Year campaign include bus shelter advertising, a leaflet drop to 40,000 homes, video clips of people explaining why and how they quit and a social media campaign.

Pledge To Quit leaflet designed by matm as part of Help2Quit's 2011 campaign

Stuart Bickerton, Director of the matm marketing, graphic and web design, web development and PR agency at Jackfield near Telford in Shropshire, says: “It’s vital that you use the right methods to reach target groups to generate the best value for money and the greatest impact.

“That’s one reason why social media, such as Facebook, will play a part in the campaign. Video provides excellent social media content and can be packaged differently for a range of purposes. Because we have the expertise to shoot and edit the video ourselves, it’s very cost effective.”

The bus shelter advertising campaign will be focused in the Telford and Wrekin area on busy main roads close to supermarkets. The leaflet mailing will be targeted in other areas of the county where there are high levels of smoking.

The Pledge to Quit message challenges smokers to think about the personal benefits of giving up – and explains the range of help at hand if they want to quit.

Find out more about Help2Quit: 01743 366940,,

Graphic design from Shropshire that creates an advertisment really worth noticing

Tuesday 30th November 2010   by Stuart Bickerton

Making a marketing impact in a cluttered and fast-moving world can be a bit of a challenge.

Which got us here at matm thinking, how many adverts are we exposed to every day?

It appears from a huge amount of in-depth research – well okay, about 10 minutes on Google – that the answer is not clear.

In 2007, the New York Times quotes 5,000 (up from 2,000 in 1977). Then again, that is for the USA where they would tattoo an advertisement on the inside of your eyelids if you let them.

Another textbook figure that pops up a lot is 3,000. A blog has even been created solely to explore the phenomenon.

In Australia, one intrepid blogger, Matt Granfield, set out to actually count how many adverts he saw in 24 hours – that IS dedication for you. He got to 91 in the first hour and concluded it wasn’t looking good for the 3,000 figure.

Some experts break the figures down a little. A recent study, again in the USA, found that 34% of all ads targeting children or teens were for sweets and snacks – and that tweens were the most heavily targeted, seeing more than 20 food ads a day.

And at the conservative end of the scale, some put the total number of ads viewed at 300.

Okay. Whatever the case, we get to see a lot of adverts – and more now than we used to.

That’s why it is so important to make your message stand out from the crowd.

We recently helped Douglas Macmillan Hospice in Stoke on Trent do this by designing a promotional money collecting box for them. When every penny generously donated really counts, it’s important to get things right.

So here’s our top tips for designing promotional material:

  • Know what your key message is. It might not be profound – but it always has to get right to the nub of the matter, and fast.
  • Be clear about what and who you are promoting. You have a blink of an eye to achieve a connection and trigger a reaction.
  • Use bold, contrasting colours – which always reflect your brand. Contrasting colours help the whole design stand out.
  • And in that cluttered world mentioned earlier, less is always more. Keep it simple!

We hope that when you see a Douglas Macmillan Hospice collecting box, you’ll put a few coins in. It’s one of the hundreds – or is it thousands? – of ‘adverts’ you will see in a day that is really worth succumbing to.

matm lends graphic design skills to ‘can do’ bid to promote Shropshire heritage area

Monday 29th November 2010   by Stuart Bickerton

Here at matm we were proud to sponsor the recent Ironbridge Christmas Market in Ironbridge, Shropshire. We supported the event by designing the Gorge Year information sheet detailing events across this UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011.

As keen supporters of the Ironbridge Gorge community, we take great interest in the work of Ironbridge Regeneration Partnership. It has been great to see real events taking place in the gorge, so it was not a hard decision to make when asked if we can support the event.

Stuart Bickerton, Director of matm, the marketing, design, web and PR agency based at Jackfield near Telford, Shropshire, said: “The Ironbridge Gorge clearly has a proud history and the work of the Ironbridge Regeneration Partnership captures the mix of heritage and modern business thinking perfectly – it has a ‘Can Do’ spirit that supports enterprise across the area.

“I enjoyed the inaugural Victorian Christmas Market this year – I’m already looking forward to next year’s event. There was a great turn out from local businesses, traders, shoppers and local families.”

With plenty of events planned – it looks like being an industrious year in the Gorge – but given it’s history, what else would you expect!

Here’s a list of just a few of the events coming up during 2011:

Farmers Market – Held every third Saturday of each month,
beginning in March (except November)

Daffodil Ride – Bike ride for all ages and abilities, The Bicycle Hub

Queens Victoria’s Birthday Weekend – 28th to 30th May
Blists Hill Victorian Town

Brass Band FestivalThe Museum of Iron 16th and 17th of July

Coracle Regatta – Dale End Park

PS…Here’s just some of the traders who supported this year’s event.

Bertelin Farmhouse Cheese:
Little Round Cake Company:
Shropshire Spice Co:
Sweetooth Liquorice:
Absolute Heart:
Fairlady Fabrics:
Derek Houghton Images:
Jane Murphy Glass:
Kim Rodgers:

Fonts for web are getting interesting thanks to @font-face, says matm’s design team

Friday 26th November 2010   by Stuart Bickerton

How frustrating is it when your carefully crafted piece of printed material needs ‘translating’ onto the web and your choice of typefaces is dramatically reduced? Well, help is at hand in the form of CSS3 @font-face.

In short, @font-face allows designers to use fonts stored online, reducing the need to rely on the standard web selection that we’ve grown accustomed to, says Lindsay Crayton, Senior Creative at matm marketing, graphic design, web and PR agency at Jackfield near Telford, Shropshire.

Things are looking quite positive with the majority of modern web browsers supporting @font-face. And, yes, Internet Explorer is one of them.

If you’re getting started, Font squirrel could be your saviour. You can parcel up your own font selections and have them converted to the correct file formats. They also have a large selection ready to download to help you get started.

Always check that fonts have the appropriate licensing before use!

We’re not in a position to wave goodbye to Verdana just yet. But, with @font-face, web typography is getting interesting.

Check out the links below for more information on licensing, formats and examples.

10 free fonts for @font-face embedding
@font-face tutorial

Customise your social media with new Twitter app – is professional web design here to stay?

Monday 8th November 2010   by Stuart Bickerton

matm designer Tom Blockley has come across what appears to be a useful new app while doing a bit of social media browsing – giving the opportunity to share some thoughts on creating distinct personalities through customised Twitter profiles.

customise you twitter profile with themeleon

Will this ever take the place of professional twitter profile design?

The app is called Themeleon and the main advantage is the large range of patterns and colours to choose from. You can customise background pattern colours quickly and there are quite a few patterns to choose from. Tom says:

“The browsing experience is a little limited and I thought that being able to view more at once would improve the system.

The range of colour pallets are a bit garish and similar to other popular social media sites like My Space, with horrible colour combinations. But you can create your own colour pallets, to match your personality.

Themeleon is built by COLOURlovers, it has more than 600,000 background patterns and more than 1 million colour palettes. That’s a lot but it’s fun and incredibly easy to use.”

In a few simple steps you can create some fun and professional profiles.
Step 1 – Login
Step 2 – Edit your Design
Step 3 – Save your theme

Tom, a designer at Shropshire marketing, design, PR and web design agency matm, based at Jackfield, near Telford, says: “Customised Twitter profiles are an extension of the user. The ability to create your own using a web app is a great idea and has good potential.

That said, I don’t think they will ever replace a professionally-designed profile that can be provided by the likes of matm. They will, though raise expectations which I think is a good thing.”

Do you have any cool social media apps or themes? Tell us about them by adding a comment to this post.

An iconic design and a platform for business stardom

Wednesday 27th October 2010   by Stuart Bickerton

An icon is instantly recognisable. Just ask fans of Marilyn Monroe. And designers are creating new ones every day.

Here at Shropshire marketing, design, web and PR agency matm, in Jackfield, Telford, we have just created an icon for Lavendon Access Services, the group which owns the Panther and Nationwide Platforms brands, among others.

It’s designed to illustrate the latest development in the powered access industry – a personnel lift that gives low level access. Think of it as the replacement for the standard ladder, which in many workplaces is no longer considered safe.

These smaller machines are increasingly used in shops, offices, hotels and leisure centres. And now the icon we have created will sit proudly alongside others that depict the powered access industry.

Designer Tom Blockley said: “Designing icons for particular product types can be a very powerful way to depict the machine. Pictures paint a thousand words and this icon will help Lavendon customers identify the machine type quickly and easily.”

The knack is to reduce the design to its simplest form while ensuring the object is instantly recognisable. Tom drew the new icon in industry standard illustration software, so it can be used in any size, from small icon to the size of a building (if required!).

So our icon might not be a sex goddess but it’s still perfectly formed.

Low Level personnel lift icon

Low Level Access Icon

Low Level Access, Boom Lift, Scissor Lift & Truck Mount

High five! See if Shropshire design agency matm can make YOU happier

Friday 22nd October 2010   by Stuart Bickerton

matm, Telford, Shropshire - High Five Logo design

matm, Telford, Shropshire - graphic device, 5 ways to a happier life

There are simple things we can all do to help give us a healthier and happier life – and matm has developed a brand design to show just what those things are.

matm has been working with NHS Telford and Wrekin’s Health Promotion Team to create High Five – which promotes the five main things we can all do to be more healthy and happy.

The clear and colourful brand design reflects five ways we can all make a difference:

  • Connect
  • Be active
  • Take notice
  • Keep Learning
  • Give

Tom Blockley, one of the graphic designers at Shropshire marketing, design, web and PR firm matm, says: “The brand and logo design process is an enjoyable and creative one. We work very closely with the client, listen carefully to what they require and the campaign objectives.”

High Five will show how you think about and do the small things everyday can help you to feel good about yourself, appreciate what matters to you and get the most out of life.

The Five Ways branding is due to be rolled out across a range of promotional media including print, web, social media and video over the coming weeks and months, helping health promotion professionals to join together all the support services they provide.

Five ways for a healthier, happier life. It’s simple, quick and it works. Try it for a week and see if you notice a difference. . . what have you got to lose?

Oh, and if you want matm to make a difference for you, we’d love to hear from you!

New design for hospice lottery leaflet

Tuesday 19th October 2010   by Stuart Bickerton

Here at matm, we’ve got good of experience of multi-language design, print and web design – and have put that to good use producing a new lottery leaflet for St David’s Hospice in Llandudno, North Wales.

As with many hospice lotteries, St David’s is taking advantage of recent legislation changes which allow charities to introduce a rollover to their weekly prizes. This means that someone could win up to £5,000 with one ticket.

Every Friday, St David’s Hospice calls a lucky winner to tell them the good news – that’s something we like the sound of here at matm, Shropshire marketing, design, PR and web agency, writes designer Tom Blockley. Receiving that call would definitely make my weekend!

You’ll also notice that the leaflet has both English and Welsh language text, together on one version of the leaflet to provide the most cost effective print.

We’re proud to work with such a worthwhile charity as St David’s Hospice and we wish them every success in their new lottery rollover.

Click on the pictures below for a better view.

English text Welsh textWelsh text

Staffordshire hospice is winner with simple yet creative digital design

Tuesday 5th October 2010   by Stuart Bickerton

When the time is right, all companies and organisations can benefit from refreshing their image. matm recently rebranded Douglas Macmillan Hospice’s fundraising lottery to make it more contemporary and engaging, especially for a younger audience.

The hospice, in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, wanted the lottery to be less “gimmicky” so people are encouraged to feel they are part of a service doing great work in their community as well as giving themselves a chance to win some cash – which is still important!

A key part of the project was designing a point of sale display to promote the hospice’s new weekly rollover. This was achieved with a calendar-style counter stand which gives the rollover total on the front for customers and prize information on the back for vendors.

Point of sale rollover stand is a winner in Douglas Macmillan lottery rebrand carried out by matm

Other branded items include lottery tickets, a leaflet, gift vouchers and display boards.

Client feedback has been very positive. Donna Adams, Lottery Promotions Development Manager for Douglas Macmillan Hospice, told us: “It is always a pleasure to work with the design team at matm. When we thought about rebranding, we knew it was matm we wanted to work with. Their designers have the creativity and attitude we like.”

Thank you Donna! We’re now working on a similar project for another hospice – and we hope you get the opportunity to buy a ticket. Want to know more? Contact matm Senior Creative Lindsay Crayton