Posters that are out of this world

Friday 19th February 2016   by Neil Dicken

We’re loving these great posters. As a British astronaut hurtles around the Earth at a speed of 17,150 miles per hour (that’s about 5 miles every second!), our interest has been Tim Peake-d by all things celestial.

This week, we’ve been wowed by NASA’s beautifully-designed series of travel posters entitled “Imagination is our window into the future”.

They were produced by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California, and hark back to travel posters of a bygone age when seaside resorts, airlines, cruise liners and trains vied for attention with stunning renderings of landmarks and vistas.

This set of travel posters, which managed to be both retro and futuristic, feature the planets Mars, Venus and Jupiter, and the moons Enceladus (described by JPL as Saturn’s vapour-spewing moon) and Titan (another of Saturn’s moons, and about 50% larger than our Moon).

Europa, one of Jupiter’s staggering 62 known moons, is one of the more interesting destinations. Discovered by Galileo in 1610, its thick icy surface is thought to hide a subsurface ocean that bears similar characteristics with geological features on our own planet. This has led to NASA considering Europa as a potential target for setting up a space colony, and could be a target of a deep space mission, rather than the closer, red planet, Mars.

The posters certainly proved hit here at our offices – they are a great example of NASA understanding and communicating  its place in history, whilst giving us a gentle push into accepting that travel within our solar system may well be science fact rather than science fiction in the future.

The full set of posters can be seen at the Jet Propulsion Labaratory site here.

Travel Posters from NASA. We’re loving that!

Ps we were going to do a post explaining the discovery of Einstein’s Gravitational Waves but we found poster design a little easier to explain.

More information about JPL is at:


We’re Loving That – Posters creating awareness

Tuesday 12th July 2011   by Neil Dicken

This poster was designed by London and Los Angeles based graphic design company, Binary & The Brain, in association with the Louisiana Wildlife Federation to raise awareness of the many critically endangered species which continue to be effected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

38 of the coast’s most at-risk animals, some of which face extinction or have already vanished from the state are used to create the shape of the effected coastline and lettering, all are numbered for identification.

Designer Neil Dicken said: “I really like the illustration in this poster – the way in which the combination of animal silhouettes are used to create the shape of the affected coastline – so as well as being very artistic, the poster is very informative at the same time.”

All profits from the sale of this poster go directly to the Louisiana Wildlife Federation to help protect and conserve the endangered species. Visit to find out more and to show your support for their great work.

















The Birds

This poster was designed in association with BirdLife International to raise awareness of the 52 UK birds on the endangered red list.

Again, each of the 52 birds were used to outline the lettering and are numbered for identification.

Produced by Binary and the Brain

Available from

matm gets heads turning and cameras clicking with our latest exhibition stand design

Friday 25th February 2011   by Stuart Bickerton

“The stripes got a lot of positive feedback. Students took pictures, the show organisers took pictures and a rug manufacturer on the last day asked if they could copy the idea!”

Some very pleasing feedback from Jonathan Carter, Marketing Manager at Telford luxury bath manufactuer V+A, commenting on some work matm did on the company’s latest exhibition stand. Thanks JC!

V+A needed a design for two 84″ x 24″ light boxes – something that perfectly matched a brand that’s both timeless and very fashionable.

Using industry-standard illustration software we created some classic organic designs, full of colour to fit the light boxes perfectly, says Tom Blockley, a designer at matm, the marketing, graphic design, web development, digital media and PR agency at Jackfield near Telford.

Here are the stripes in the proposed stand design.

V+A IDS exhibition stand visual

V+A IDS exhibition stand visual

And here they are in real life!

Graphic design from matm – a logo with a loud bark and brand bite

Wednesday 23rd February 2011   by Stuart Bickerton

RedHector Logo

At matm we believe attention to detail is everything in a new identity.

RedHector, a building, renovation and handyman company in London, approached marketing, design, web and PR company matm, at Jackfield near Telford, Shropshire, to create a logo for the start-up business.

Designer Tom Blockley created a bespoke logo, drawing inspiration from the owner’s red setter dog – yes, you’ve guessed it – called Hector.

A side on profile of the dog provided a sketch visual and then developed into a classic shape that would be memorable and instantly recognisable to new and existing clients.  The bespoke elements were created to give the typeface its unique identity.

RedHector logo design

So, the attention really is in the detail on this logo: bespoke typeface, handcrafted graphic & perfectly proportioned exclusion zones to give the maximum impact in any design.

matm is currently developing RedHector’s new website. In the meantime, why not visit (and like) RedHector on Facebook?

We’re loving that! Dotty graphic design that’s retro and so up to date

Tuesday 18th January 2011   by Neil Dicken

The design that often catches the eye first is often the simplest one. An uncluttered lay-out or short, yet subtle, strap line.

These album covers fit that bill perfectly, says Neil Dicken, a designer at matm, the marketing, graphic design, web development, digital media and PR agency at Jackfield near Telford.

Remixed album covers

The albums are timeless classics which still appeal to young people today. Design company Graphic Nothing has recreated them – remixed and reduced – to create a simple yet identifiable style for the iPod age.

They are retro and modern – retro-mod. There, matm gives you a new word!

The question is…do you know the names of the albums?

An iconic design and a platform for business stardom

Wednesday 27th October 2010   by Stuart Bickerton

An icon is instantly recognisable. Just ask fans of Marilyn Monroe. And designers are creating new ones every day.

Here at Shropshire marketing, design, web and PR agency matm, in Jackfield, Telford, we have just created an icon for Lavendon Access Services, the group which owns the Panther and Nationwide Platforms brands, among others.

It’s designed to illustrate the latest development in the powered access industry – a personnel lift that gives low level access. Think of it as the replacement for the standard ladder, which in many workplaces is no longer considered safe.

These smaller machines are increasingly used in shops, offices, hotels and leisure centres. And now the icon we have created will sit proudly alongside others that depict the powered access industry.

Designer Tom Blockley said: “Designing icons for particular product types can be a very powerful way to depict the machine. Pictures paint a thousand words and this icon will help Lavendon customers identify the machine type quickly and easily.”

The knack is to reduce the design to its simplest form while ensuring the object is instantly recognisable. Tom drew the new icon in industry standard illustration software, so it can be used in any size, from small icon to the size of a building (if required!).

So our icon might not be a sex goddess but it’s still perfectly formed.

Low Level personnel lift icon

Low Level Access Icon

Low Level Access, Boom Lift, Scissor Lift & Truck Mount

The skill of the illustrator still has a place at matm

Monday 16th August 2010   by Stuart Bickerton
Wildlife illustrations by Mark Foster

Wildlife Illustrations via Shropshire based design agency matm

Here’s a sneak preview of some images we’re working on for a client presently.

We’ve been commissioned to design a leaflet for a popular country park. We’re working with illustrator Mark Foster to create a number of wildlife illustrations to really bring the brochure to life.

It’s always important to adopt a style appropriate to the subject. We’ll let you see a few more when we have them.

Subtle Illustrations of Shropshire Tile Landmarks

Thursday 5th August 2010   by Neil Dicken

Much Wenlock IllustrationsWhen Much Wenlock Festival were looking for a series of building illustrations for their Tile Trail leaflet – matm produced a number of simple interpretative drawings of famous Shropshire landmarks.

Neil Dicken, Designer commented “There is nothing worse than picking up a leaflet, to find inside a map that has so much information that you really don’t know where to look first. More often than not it is the choice of imagery that makes a map confusing; the contrast of colours, and the varied size and shapes. A simple and effective way to combat such a problem is to use a simple illustrative style that unifies all the different locations.”