Posters that are out of this world

Friday 19th February 2016   by Neil Dicken

We’re loving these great posters. As a British astronaut hurtles around the Earth at a speed of 17,150 miles per hour (that’s about 5 miles every second!), our interest has been Tim Peake-d by all things celestial.

This week, we’ve been wowed by NASA’s beautifully-designed series of travel posters entitled “Imagination is our window into the future”.

They were produced by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California, and hark back to travel posters of a bygone age when seaside resorts, airlines, cruise liners and trains vied for attention with stunning renderings of landmarks and vistas.

This set of travel posters, which managed to be both retro and futuristic, feature the planets Mars, Venus and Jupiter, and the moons Enceladus (described by JPL as Saturn’s vapour-spewing moon) and Titan (another of Saturn’s moons, and about 50% larger than our Moon).

Europa, one of Jupiter’s staggering 62 known moons, is one of the more interesting destinations. Discovered by Galileo in 1610, its thick icy surface is thought to hide a subsurface ocean that bears similar characteristics with geological features on our own planet. This has led to NASA considering Europa as a potential target for setting up a space colony, and could be a target of a deep space mission, rather than the closer, red planet, Mars.

The posters certainly proved hit here at our offices – they are a great example of NASA understanding and communicating  its place in history, whilst giving us a gentle push into accepting that travel within our solar system may well be science fact rather than science fiction in the future.

The full set of posters can be seen at the Jet Propulsion Labaratory site here.

Travel Posters from NASA. We’re loving that!

Ps we were going to do a post explaining the discovery of Einstein’s Gravitational Waves but we found poster design a little easier to explain.

More information about JPL is at:


We’re loving that – Dolby Atmos F1 film

Wednesday 19th November 2014   by Neil Dicken

Red Bull Racing Dolby Atmos

Peter Clausen Film & TV is an independent film production company and creative agency.

Neil, one of our designers, spotted one of their videos demonstrating the amazing Dolby Atmos three dimensional sound arrangement, which hit the headlines with the Transformers: Age of Extinction announcement.

So, to hear it in action yourself:

1. Turn the volume up

2. Click on the image at the top of this post

3. Look to the left of the screen below the words Red Bull Racing Atmos

4. And select Play Main Clip

We’re loving that multi-dimensional sound!


Environmentally friendly invoices that arrive quicker – we’re loving that!

Tuesday 1st May 2012   by Eliza Kaniewska

With postage prices going up today, matm now sends all of its invoices via PDF – this means our invoices arrive faster, and are cheaper to send as we no longer incur costs for paper, printing, envelopes and postage. Below are the key facts and figures about the price increases from April 30th 2012:

  • The price of a first-class stamp for a standard letter – 46p to 60p
  • A second-class stamp for a standard letter – 36p to 50p
  • A first-class stamp for a large letter weighing up to 100g – 75p to 90p
  • A large letter sent second-class will cost 69p, rather than 58p
  • Parcels, franked mail, recorded post, redirection services and PO Box use will also increase accordingly

But perhaps most importantly, we can now say we deliver our invoices in an environmentally friendly way – by eliminating paper, printing and freight, we have reduced our carbon footprint and save trees. We hope that other businesses can follow suit and switch to faster, greener invoicing too – the only down side is that bills arrive just that bit quicker, but still, we’re loving that!

Kia Facebook Like campaign – TV advert

Thursday 9th February 2012   by Neil Dicken

Many Companies have started to show Facebook links from their adverts over the past year. A major Korean Car Manufacturer is using its latest television advert to display the Facebook ‘like’ button, ending with the slogan ‘Kia, inspired by what you like’.

Matm Graphic Designer, Neil, spotted the advert. He said: “The use of social media in business is continuing to gather pace and I am building an increasing number of Facebook pages for Shropshire businesses. My only disappointment with the Kia advert is that their facebook page is geared more towards Kia owners, and not a generic customer experience, but i’m still loving that advert!

We’re Loving That – yet more exploded objects

Thursday 15th September 2011   by Eliza Kaniewska

Recently we posted how we loved the exploded F1 car showing every tiny part of the vehicle suspended from hundreds of tiny wires.

Canadian Photographer Todd McLellan has gone that one step further. From an alarm clock to a 35mm camera, McLellan has shown his audience the inner workings of everyday objects.

Laying each one out in an orderly fashion, the Toronto-based photographer de-constructed the objects for his ‘Disassembly Project’.

Disassembled - Old Flip Clock

Disassembled - Old Flip Clock

Disassembled - Old Camera

Disassembled - Old Camera











Each of the disassembled items were then dropped from a small height and photographed at high speed, with the flash duration set to a 12,000th of a second to capture the falling pieces in motion.

As a marketing agency we appreciate a good creative, but matm won’t be combining photography with falling printers or computers just yet – we’re definitely better at design than disassembly!

Take a look at the full set of pictures by clicking the link above to McLellan’s website and I’m sure you’ll agree with us in saying – We’re Loving That!

Free falling - Old Flip Clock

Free falling - Old Flip Clock

Free falling - Old camera

Free falling - Old Camera













We’re Loving That! Ironbridge’s very own Olympic Champion – at cuddling!

Wednesday 27th July 2011   by Stuart Bickerton

Ironbridge teddy bear maker Merrythought has launched its official London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Commemorative Teddy Bear – exactly a year before the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games on July 27th 2012.

The cuddly bear is based on a design from 1948 – the year London last hosted the Olympic Games – and is made from from the finest gold mohair.

London 2012 Olympic Games Commemorative Teddy Bear

The teddy comes with a choice of three different coloured ribbons – blue, green or pink, rather than bronze, silver and gold – and only 2012 bears sporting each colour have been made. So a limited edition of 6036 bears are available to buy.

That’ll make them almost as rare and sought after as an Olympic ticket.


Augmented Reality – does it have a solid future or is it a gimmick?

Thursday 2nd June 2011   by Neil Dicken

Augmented Reality was featured on the BBC national news on Tuesday May 31 providing an insight into new possibilities with smart phones and app technology.

As seen in previous posts we’ve brought you here in The Juice, Augmented Reality has been popping up all over the place in recent months:

  • Wordlens – a real-time AR translation service.
  • Audi and BMW – AR used to promote new car models.

Here’s the question though, is Augmented Reality just a gimmick that will slowly fade, or is it a powerful tool that’s here to stay?

The jury may still be out. But there’s no doubt AR applications will continue to multiply in the coming months, as we at matm believe it will have a major impact on marketing in the forthcoming year.

We’re loving that! the F1 car exploded for art’s sake

Friday 11th March 2011   by Neil Dicken

With the Formula 1 season fast approaching, here at matm we’re impressed with this impressive installation of the Mercedes F1 Car by Dutch artist Paul Veroude.

It’s the second time the F1 nut has done it. In 2007 he suspended a Honda racing car in just the same way.

All 3,200 bits of Michael Schumacher’s car were supported on hundreds of thin wires.

Here at matm, we’ll be supporting Jenson and Lewis.

Formula One installation

We’re loving that … matm loves this art installation of a F1 car

F1 exploded via matm, design agency Shropshire

The Nose has it … the exploded Mercedes F1 Car