Flyer design and print

Tuesday 24th May 2016   by Stuart Bickerton

Flyer design and print is still going strong despite us now being firmly in the digital age.

It’s still powerful to be able to give or send potential customers a well-designed leaflet or brochure with your service offer clearly shown.

If they look good and have useful information, flyers are likely to be kept for reference or shared with business colleagues.

We’re supporting our plant hire client, JMS, by developing a range of product and service flyers.

We first designed a welder hire and welding accessories flyer. This gives customers all the information they need to make hiring decisions about different types of machine.

We then kept the same design template for a new product called FuelBox. This is red diesel fuel supplied in a box, for machine users so they don’t get caught short (of fuel) on site.

In addition, we arranged the whole process of printing the flyers, then sending them out to JMS customers, and potential new ones.

For leaflet or flyer design and print for your business – call us on 01952 883526. We’d love to hear from you.