Flyer design and print

Tuesday 24th May 2016   by Stuart Bickerton

Flyer design and print is still going strong despite us now being firmly in the digital age.

It’s still powerful to be able to give or send potential customers a well-designed leaflet or brochure with your service offer clearly shown.

If they look good and have useful information, flyers are likely to be kept for reference or shared with business colleagues.

We’re supporting our plant hire client, JMS, by developing a range of product and service flyers.

We first designed a welder hire and welding accessories flyer. This gives customers all the information they need to make hiring decisions about different types of machine.

We then kept the same design template for a new product called FuelBox. This is red diesel fuel supplied in a box, for machine users so they don’t get caught short (of fuel) on site.

In addition, we arranged the whole process of printing the flyers, then sending them out to JMS customers, and potential new ones.

For leaflet or flyer design and print for your business – call us on 01952 883526. We’d love to hear from you.

Leaflet design and printing

Monday 10th November 2014   by Eliza Kaniewska

We were commissioned to design and print a leaflet to show the link between smoking and age-related macular degeneration, or AMD.

This is a condition that leads to the loss of central vision, usually gradually, but sometimes rapidly (Source: NHS)

As with all leaflet design and printing projects, we worked closely with the client, the health promotion team in Shropshire, to make sure the final leaflet was easy to read, had the right key messages and had a very good chance of influencing and helping the target audience.

In common with all our other health promotion work – our graphic design team in Telford made sure the leaflet design followed NHS best practice guidelines.

You can be sure that your leaflet design and printing project would be handled with just the same care.

Leaflet design and print

Wednesday 29th October 2014   by Eliza Kaniewska

The YHA is known and loved across the UK for offering friendly, budget accommodation for families, backpackers and schools.

The Ironbridge and Coalbrookdale YHA asked matm to create a flyer to promote the rental of the hostel to large groups, detailing the facilities at each hostel, along with pictures to show the hostel and surrounding areas.

Our graphic design team created a six-page leaflet in a DL format, an ideal design to fit neatly in leaflet display stands used by tourist offices and other leisure agencies.

We also made sure the leaflet was printed on good value but high quality paper stock.

If you have a leaflet design and print project, call us for an excellent service that won’t break the budget. A bit like the YHA!




Creative brochure design helps Shropshire coach company plan exciting days out

Monday 20th May 2013   by Lindsay Crayton

We were delighted when one of Shropshire’s leading coach companies, Elcock Reisen, commissioned matm to come up with a new creative brochure design for their 2013 excursion season.

Creative brochure design is all about creating an instant impact in a promotional document that is highly practical and easy to use.

We opted for a format that, when folded, stands out and looks appealing when placed alongside other tourist brochures.

However, when it’s opened out, it provides all the key information in one place.

Creative brochure design Shropshire


This year’s excursion programme takes in a number of new venues. These include Blenheim Palace and the Harry Potter sets at Warner Brothers Studio, London.

It’s great to think that thousands of Shropshire people will enjoy magical days out after being inspired by our brochure designs.


Creative brochure design ShropshireCreative brochure design Shropshire