Flyer design and print

Tuesday 24th May 2016   by Stuart Bickerton

Flyer design and print is still going strong despite us now being firmly in the digital age.

It’s still powerful to be able to give or send potential customers a well-designed leaflet or brochure with your service offer clearly shown.

If they look good and have useful information, flyers are likely to be kept for reference or shared with business colleagues.

We’re supporting our plant hire client, JMS, by developing a range of product and service flyers.

We first designed a welder hire and welding accessories flyer. This gives customers all the information they need to make hiring decisions about different types of machine.

We then kept the same design template for a new product called FuelBox. This is red diesel fuel supplied in a box, for machine users so they don’t get caught short (of fuel) on site.

In addition, we arranged the whole process of printing the flyers, then sending them out to JMS customers, and potential new ones.

For leaflet or flyer design and print for your business – call us on 01952 883526. We’d love to hear from you.

matm uses advertising, social media, print and video in Shropshire smoking campaign

Thursday 30th December 2010   by Stuart Bickerton

matm has helped devise a major New Year marketing campaign to encourage thousands of smokers in Shropshire to ‘Pledge to Quit’ in 2011.

We’ve been working working with Help2Quit, an NHS stop smoking service.

Help2Quit runs drop-in clinics across Shropshire offering one-to-one support for smokers. It also provides a free workplace service where smoking rates are high. Results show smokers are four times more likely to stop with Help2Quit support.

Key elements of the New Year campaign include bus shelter advertising, a leaflet drop to 40,000 homes, video clips of people explaining why and how they quit and a social media campaign.

Pledge To Quit leaflet designed by matm as part of Help2Quit's 2011 campaign

Stuart Bickerton, Director of the matm marketing, graphic and web design, web development and PR agency at Jackfield near Telford in Shropshire, says: “It’s vital that you use the right methods to reach target groups to generate the best value for money and the greatest impact.

“That’s one reason why social media, such as Facebook, will play a part in the campaign. Video provides excellent social media content and can be packaged differently for a range of purposes. Because we have the expertise to shoot and edit the video ourselves, it’s very cost effective.”

The bus shelter advertising campaign will be focused in the Telford and Wrekin area on busy main roads close to supermarkets. The leaflet mailing will be targeted in other areas of the county where there are high levels of smoking.

The Pledge to Quit message challenges smokers to think about the personal benefits of giving up – and explains the range of help at hand if they want to quit.

Find out more about Help2Quit: 01743 366940,,

Staffordshire hospice is winner with simple yet creative digital design

Tuesday 5th October 2010   by Stuart Bickerton

When the time is right, all companies and organisations can benefit from refreshing their image. matm recently rebranded Douglas Macmillan Hospice’s fundraising lottery to make it more contemporary and engaging, especially for a younger audience.

The hospice, in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, wanted the lottery to be less “gimmicky” so people are encouraged to feel they are part of a service doing great work in their community as well as giving themselves a chance to win some cash – which is still important!

A key part of the project was designing a point of sale display to promote the hospice’s new weekly rollover. This was achieved with a calendar-style counter stand which gives the rollover total on the front for customers and prize information on the back for vendors.

Point of sale rollover stand is a winner in Douglas Macmillan lottery rebrand carried out by matm

Other branded items include lottery tickets, a leaflet, gift vouchers and display boards.

Client feedback has been very positive. Donna Adams, Lottery Promotions Development Manager for Douglas Macmillan Hospice, told us: “It is always a pleasure to work with the design team at matm. When we thought about rebranding, we knew it was matm we wanted to work with. Their designers have the creativity and attitude we like.”

Thank you Donna! We’re now working on a similar project for another hospice – and we hope you get the opportunity to buy a ticket. Want to know more? Contact matm Senior Creative Lindsay Crayton