1m Wide Roller Banners

Wednesday 27th April 2016   by Neil Dicken

Want to make a bolder statement? Promote your business with 1m wide roller banners.

Roller banners have become clear business promotion favourites because they produce big impact for a relatively small investment.

They’re highly portable, colourful and can easily be set up in under 30 seconds – once you’ve got the hang of it. So, what’s not to love?

With the profileration of roller banners at exhibitions and events, you still need a way to stand out.

A good option is to choose 1 metre wide roller banners – which are 200mm wider than the standard 800mm roller banner width.

1m wide roller banners take up only a fraction more space in the storage cassette. But they provide two square metres of high-impact colour graphics.

We’d always recommend you invest in good graphic design. A well-designed roller banner will always make the difference in a crowded marketing environment.

And they will stand you in good stead for many events to come!

Contact matm to find out a little more – email hello@matm.co.uk or call 01952 883526.



Roller Banner Design

Tuesday 25th November 2014   by Eliza Kaniewska

Harwood The Estate Agent is a friendly and highly professional estate agent, with offices in Ironbridge and Wellington, Telford.

We have completed a number of design and print projects for the team, including roller banner design, poster design and leaflet design.

Roller banners, also known as pop-up banners, are ideal for displaying a brand or service at an event, or in a business premises.

The Harwood team wanted to use the roller banners to promote their services at community and business events.

The roller banners were 2 metres high by 800 millimetres wide,  selected from our most cost-effective range, with a UV-resistant display sheet, making them ideal for retail use.

Talk to our graphics design team in Telford about roller banner design. We can show you a range of makes and styles to suit all needs and budgets.