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The matm web browser infographic - and why the future is about mobile search

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Which web browser should I use? And what's all this about mobile web search? Two questions we get asked a lot by our web design and web development clients in Shropshire and across the country. That's why we've developed this simple web browser infographic giving the current picture for web browser usage.

Communication lessons from the Euro elections - big is not beautiful for the voter

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Nigel Farage says his "dream has become a reality". The UKIP victory in the European elections,

Creative photography and graphic design - mixing old and new is catching on

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A series of images created by Halley Docherty has caught the eye of our designer Neil Dicken. The striking pictures, published in The Guardian, show current views of London, Paris and Berlin, with images from World War 2 overlaid.

Ed Miliband reinvented - media training advice designed to win elections

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Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, was sounding different on Radio 4's Today Programme this morning. Interviewed by Sarah Montague, there were clear signs that he had changed his approach and style to media interviews. Political leaders are constantly either trying to hone their media interview skills, or are having media training experts trying to do the same for them. Ed seems to have changed his style quite signficiantly.

5 tips for writing perfect press releases

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One of the central building blocks of any media campaign is the press release. There are now many ways and places to tell a story. But preparing a press release to send to journalists in a form that will make them go – “Hold the Front Page!” – well, at least show some interest, is a good starting point. There are many things to consider when sitting down to write a press release, so here are 5 of them.

Top firm achieves double win after using our business award writing service

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We're really pleased here at matm to have helped another client win two much-coveted and much-deserved business awards.On Wednesday March 19, at a ceremony held at the London Hilton Park Lane Hotel, Lanes Group was announced as winners of the Health and Safety Excellence Award at the Construction News Specialists Awards 2014.

The benefits of business case studies

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Here's the case for business case studies in one simple story. Not long ago, I was at a client work

The Plebgate Police Federation officers needed good PR advice

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The whole row about what the three Police Federation officers said when they came out of a meeting with the then Government minister Andrew Mitchell illustrates the benefit of having access to good PR advice before speaking to the press.

Embroidered Beanie Hats ready for Winter

It must be a sign of winter when we're delivering Woollen Beanie hats for our clientsKeeping our

Good PR companies in Shropshire - Matt suggests you try us

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It's really nice when someone says they like what you do. It's even better when that someone is a client.Matt Breakwell at Cornbrook Construction has kindly provided us with a testimonial for the public relations support matm is providing.

Creative brochure design helps Shropshire coach company plan exciting days out

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We were delighted when one of Shropshire's leading coach companies, Elcock Reisen, commissioned matm to come up with a new creative brochure design for their 2013 excursion season.Creative brochure design is all about creating an instant impact in a promotional document that is highly practical and easy to use.

Press releases - BNI Landlord Success event in Shropshire

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Private landlords face “double whammy” say property expertsProperty experts are holding a special seminar for private residential landlords in Shropshire to inform them that they face a “double whammy” from new Government legislation.

Press release writing service success: Cornbrook Construction

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Here's a press release we prepared for Shropshire construction company Cornbrook Construction about a tie-up with another Shropshire firm Quad-Lock. It was used as the business supplement lead by the Shropshire Star and several other publications.Part of its appeal, I think, is the strong picture. Strong news media photography always helps when pitching a news story. I took the picture myself, saving the client the significant cost of hiring a dedicated photographer. Another benefit of PR from matm!

10 tips for taking great photographs that promote your business

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It's true that a picture is worth a thousand words, if it is taken properly. With the latest digital

Old Abe's lessons on professional copywriting and communication

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I'm in the middle of reading Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin, the book upon which Steven