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Building relationships with customers is essential in business, and devices for doing that include eshots, or PDF newsletters.

Winning a new customer can take a good deal of energy, so it stands to reason that you'd want the customer to like you, understand fully what services you can offer, and to recommend you to their contacts.

One way to do that is to keep them up to date with your latest news. It's not about the hard sell, but being noticed at the right times, using the right communication channels.

We've developed eshots and newsletters for many clients. One of the most recent is a PDF newsletter for Lanes Group, the UK's leading independent specialist drainage, utilities and asset maintenance company.

They wanted to share what they do in an informative and engaging way that reflects the value and quality of their services and the teams that deliver them.

We created a quarterly PDF newsletter which has clickable links to take readers through to longer news items, if they want to read them, and to service pages. It's designed to be scrolled through, dipped in and out of, read in minutes. Using clickable tags, each story reflects the geographical and sector reach of the Lanes operation.

In its current format, the PDF newsletter is four pages, but more could be added. If need be, a digitally printed version could be created quickly and cheaply.

Lanes Group's key USPs are highlighted - including innovation, health and safety and comprehensive service mix.

The newsletter has a templated design so it can be created quickly and with minimum cost, though can be easily adapted to different needs.

The same content could also be presented in an html e-shot. Some customers prefer that option. We have our own e-shot system called Coffeemail that allows us to create templated or bespoke e-shots for customers.

PDF newsletters
If you want to know more about the positive impact of customer PDF newsletters or eshots, get in touch. We're here to help. Email: [email protected]. Phone: 01952 883526.